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Talent Africa is now Signium Africa

 As from 1 June 2017, Talent Africa changed its trading name to Signium Africa. Talent Africa was known in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for its experienced team of consultants, broad industry experience, high rate of repeat business and ethical practice.

We will continue to partner with clients in the region and through our membership with Signium, provide a wider global reach and progressive international expertise to clients that is relevant in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Formed in 1951 in the US, Signium is an international firm specialising in executive search and talent management, with 46 offices in 30 countries.

Signium Africa, previously Talent Africa remains wholly-owned and managed by South African consultants thus retaining our local roots. Our banking details, registered name and shareholding also remain the same. We continue to be a proud B-BBEE level 2 contributor as a QSE, evaluated against the new codes.


Signium Africa

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