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Executive Tips For Valentine’s Day

Once again, it’s that time of the year, when Cupid reaches into his quiver of romance and aims his golden arrows of love at the hearts of executives everywhere. Of course, planning your Valentine’s Day agenda well in advance with your loved one’s happiness in mind will further his quest immensely. To help you make the most of it, our Directors at Signium Africa offer some last-minute tips.

Start with the right attitude – Annelize van Rensburg, Director: Executive Search

Yes, it’s true that the economy is poor, it’s only the second month of a demanding year and, as an executive, you need to concentrate on delivering the best performance you can. However, love knows no bounds and, luckily for you, February 14th falls on a Friday this year, giving you the whole weekend to focus on what’s really important. Start early, and be sure to fill the day with little surprises to show you are thinking about your partner the whole time, even when you are at work.


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For example, having flowers, a card and a box of chocolates specially delivered to them at home or their office will definitely set the mood for an intimate evening. Even in tough times, a simple love poem posted on their social media feed, a bouquet of flowers picked from the garden, or a home-cooked meal at a candlelit table adorned with Valentine’s colours, all say “I love you dearly”.

Money can’t buy you love – Mosima Selekisho, Director: Executive Search

Although money can pay for a romantic setting, it doesn’t buy love. The price of true romance is to be totally present in the moment. When you meet that evening, put any thoughts of work aside and take the time to look deeply into your partner’s eyes, hear their words and really enjoy their company. There’s no greater Valentine’s Day gift you can offer them than your full time and undivided attention. So wherever you go, forget everything else but the reason you’re with that special someone. There’s nothing wrong with a pricey venue, as long as your partner doesn’t feel that you are somewhere else.

The small things are still big winners – Michelle Moss, Director: Assessments

Opening the door for your wife or pulling out her seat, or dressing up and complimenting your husband are still sure winners when it comes to love. It’s the little things that count the most because they show respect and consideration. Rose petals on the bed or just walking hand-in-hand never get old. So do whatever you can to make your partner comfortable, help them relax, and make them feel special and dear to you. This becomes even more important if you’re in a new relationship because it foreshadows a future guided by admiration and kindness.

Whatever your plans, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. It only happens once a year but it’s an important reminder of how revitalising love and romance are to our wellbeing.

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