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Executive tips for maximising home office performance


With the government enforcing a nationwide lockdown to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, executives now find themselves forced to manage their entire company from home. It may not seem ideal now but, with the right attitude and skills, it could increase management efficiencies like never before. The Directors at Signium Africa offer their tips for making the most of this time.

Invest in your digital self - Annelize van Rensburg, Director: Executive Search

For decades tech companies have been developing tools geared for remote work. However, their use has been largely optional. This is the acid test because they are now a life line for many businesses. If you’re not comfortable with video conferencing, work management software, Cloud computing and the like, it’s essential to schedule time to study up online and *practice using* these tools. Enlist your kids’ help; they’ll have you chatting like a teen in no time.

Do invest in digital work management software, like Basecamp, Asana, Flow or Whichever you choose, it will allow you to allocate responsibilities and get feedback on progress without having to pick up the phone or dash off an email. Trying to get hold of people, especially outside the workplace, can eat away at valuable time. However, using these apps across your organisation can enhance communication and ease management significantly.

Make the most of spare minutes - Mosima Selekisho, Director: Executive Search

Leverage unused movement time. Instead of heading directly from the breakfast table to your computer, use the time it would normally take to travel to and from work to invest in your mental wellbeing. Practice yoga, meditation, journaling or any other uplifting activity. These two periods can also punctuate the start and end of your work day, creating a separation between business and home life.

Also employ a zero-based scheduling system in which every minute of your day is reserved for either business or leisure activities. This practice ensures your time is fully allocated so there’s no room for procrastination or distractions. It also prevents work from invading your equally important personal and family time.

Identify your activators - Michelle Moss, Director: Assessments

Follow motivational coach Anthony Robbins’ approach. When training people to perform at their absolute best, he starts by identifying influences that get them mentally pumped and ready to go. You should also make a list of activators that immediately put you into your achiever mindset. Make sure they are present in your home office or perform any daily rituals that will keep you in top gear and prevent you from slipping.

Last but not least, remember the why. It might be frustrating to do business at a distance, especially if you’re an outgoing person. But the longer people take to self-isolate, the longer the virus will persist, the greater the human loss and economic impact will be, and the longer it will take to recover. Stay inside, stay safe, and keep busy. The lessons you learn about management efficiency during this time could serve you and your company for many years to come.

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