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Signium Africa and Riverwaves sign strategic HR partnership

South African talent search specialists *Signium Africa and UK consultancy *Riverwaves today announced the launch of a strategic partnership to bring world-leading competency-based HR solutions to companies across sub-Saharan Africa.

Signium Africa is primarily known for head-hunting top executive talent for some of the continent’s leading corporates and state-owned enterprises. Riverwaves is a global leader in the optimisation of ‘people capability’ through the customisation of competency-driven HR models designed to energise and strengthen corporate teams.

Michelle Moss Director Signium Africa SocialFollowing in-depth exposure to Riverwaves’ Intellectual Property (IP) and proprietary modelling tools, Signium Africa is positioned to apply its partner’s globally respected competency framework, build internal capability and develop HR solutions specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of each client company, at every organisational level.

Said Michelle Moss, Director, Leadership Consulting, at Johannesburg-based Signium Africa: “We have offered competency-based services for some time. Now the partnership with Riverwaves enables us to deliver world-leading competency solutions that have been proven internationally across multiple industries and deliver measurable benefits, no matter what the nature of the team or level of responsibility.

“Access to innovative IP of this quality meets a huge need as the challenge in South Africa and so many countries across the continent is to make the most of available talent, either through internal development or external recruitment. The competency fit has to be optimised and Riverwaves models are designed to do just that.”

Hisham El BadawyHisham El Badawy, Non-Executive Board Member of Riverwaves, noted: “The relationship with the seasoned professionals at Signium Africa opens up exciting opportunities in a region with boundless potential. Many markets in sub-Saharan Africa show significant growth, creating challenges for business and state enterprises.

“Unlock the potential of the people of sub-Saharan Africa and you unlock the potential of the region as a whole. Worldwide experience over more than 20 years tells us the key is professionally implemented competency-based HR solutions with the capacity to invigorate both the individual and the organisation.

“The link-up with Signium Africa gives us the ability to roll out those solutions via a reputable partner with intimate knowledge of the region.”


*Signium Africa, previously Talent Africa, is a leading South Africa-based executive search and talent management company with reach across sub-Saharan Africa.

*Riverwaves, is an HR consulting firm that helps companies realise the potential of their people. They operate globally out of the UK with a strong business partner network.


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